Our Mission


To develop players who possess a vast technical skill base and a deep love and passion for the game of soccer.


At Ginga FC, our philosophy is centered around developing players who not only possess a vast technical skill base, but also have a deep love and passion for the game of soccer. We believe that our efforts to foster this passion in our players is what sets us apart as a premier club in youth soccer.

While we take pride in our league titles and tournament championships, our primary focus is on developing technically strong soccer players who think well on the field, work hard, and aspire to reach the highest levels of youth soccer, collegiate, and beyond.

Our dedicated coaching staff is committed to developing each player individually, so that they can progress through the various soccer levels with confidence and ability. We train at least twice a week during the fall, spring, and winter seasons, utilizing a curriculum that emphasizes technical ball work and plants the seeds for a lifelong love of the game.

Ginga FC is a training-focused club, where player development is driven primarily through training. Our target ratio is 3 training sessions to 1 match, with the purpose of match play being to provide players with a competitive environment to apply the technical and tactical training techniques they have learned.

At Ginga FC, we build different types of players, all developed the Ginga way!


Each player will have an individual development plan that they will work with their coach to develop. Goals will be set to challenge the player to reach his or her individual potential.

who we are

Ginga directly translates to 'sway,' which represents the unique and special moves of our players. We believe that Ginga style football is more than just a sport, it's a form of art and embodiment, and we are committed to bringing that magic to each and every player on our team.

At Ginga Football Club (GFC), we are passionate about developing the individual skills of each player. As a premier club in CT, we prioritize instilling a love for the game in our players. Our focus is not just on wins and losses, but on building a strong foundation for our players to become the best they can be. Our ultimate goal is to see our players reach the highest levels of youth, collegiate, and professional soccer!