2024 Summer

2024 summer program

Join Ginga FC's Summer Program!

The Ginga FC summer program offers a dynamic opportunity for players to stay active and elevate their skills throughout the summer months. Designed with flexibility in mind, the program divides the summer into two sessions, catering to players who may not be able to commit to the full eight weeks. Emphasizing inclusivity, the program encourages all players to join, highlighting its optional nature while strongly recommending participation.

This program offers 8 weeks of training, 2 out of State tournaments and 1 in State tournament.

Here's a breakdown of the program:

Locations: Woodbridge & Madison (Coastal)

Madison: Starting date June 18th
Woodbridge: Starting date June 17th


  • Seaside Classic in RI - July 13 & 14
  • Hershey Park Tournament in PA - August 10th & 11th
  • Kings of the Tournaments in CT - August 17th & 18th


  • 8 Weeks - Training Fee: $377 per player (2 installments of $188.50 - 1st during registration - 2nd on June 1st)
  • 4 Weeks - Training Fee: $188.50 per player
  • Out of State Tournament Fee: $110 for each tournament per player
  • In State Tournament Fee: $85 for each tournament per player

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